Wire Brushes with Lead Bore

At the Anvil Tool Company we take pride in being able to supply those items that are hard to find, however one regular request has always proved to be elusive.

Wire brushes with a lead centre bore were traditionally used on bench polishing machines using a tapered threaded spindle. The idea being that when the brush is fitted the spindle cuts a thread into the lead centre, then when the machine is running it rotates in the same direction, thereby locking the brush in place.

We recently received an enquiry for one of these brushes from retired chartered engineer Mike Wooldridge and the problem of supplying these brushes were explained.

Rotary Wire Brushes with Lead Bore Fitted

Rotary Wire Brushes with Lead Bore Fitted

Mike purchased a 200mm stainless steel rotary wire brush with a standard bore and set about creating the lead centre, which can be seen in the pictures above.

Mike has reported the brush has been working hard and has offered this service to us.
So customers who particularly require this type of wire brush, it can be done…

Thanks Mike, another problem solved…

For more information about the Anvil Wire Brush product range, visit the website – www.wire-brush.co.uk

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